What is Hijab and Why?

HIJAB –  The modest dress for Muslim women


People think that hijab is the head scarf that Muslim women wear, but hijab is more than that.  It is not only covering the hair but also dressing, speaking and acting modestly.
Modesty is required of men too. Muslim men  have to be modest in their dress, speech, and actions.  Traditional men’s clothing in Muslim countries are all very modest.  The minimum  requirement for men’s clothing in Islam is to cover from the navel to the knees. Muslim men have to also lower their gaze when they see a non-mahram* woman.
* mahram = the spouse and the opposite sex whom the person cannot marry, such as:  one’s parents, siblings, uncles, aunts … etc.

WHAT is Hijab?

Hijab is clothing that fulfill the following conditions :
– It must cover the whole body except for the face and hands.
–  It must be loose and not show the shape of the body.
–  It must not be see-through.
– It must not be fancy, because then it would defeat the purpose of hijab which is to not beautify oneself and attract unwanted attention.

WHY do they have to wear it?

Muslim women wear hijab in submission to the command of our Creator, Allah (God).  But why did God command us to wear it?

The main reason is to avert sexual attention.
But there are also other benefits, such as:
– Obliges women to respect themselves and obliges others to respect them.
– Reminds men to treat women as human beings and not as sexual objects.
– Makes women realize that their beauty is sacred and not  for any random man to look at for pleasure.
– Obliges others to judge women by their worth and not their appearance.
.. etc.


Muslim females are obligated to wear hijab when they reach the
age of puberty.


Muslim women wear hijab only in front of men they are able to marry.
So Muslim women do not  have to wear hijab in front of the following people:

– Women in general.
– Her Husband.
> Father, grandfather, and upwards
> Sons, grandchildren & downwards.
> Siblings.
> Uncles
> Nephews
> Step father and step son
> Father-in-law and son-in-law

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